Adding touch support to WP7 Apache Cordova

Adding touch support to WP7 Apache Cordova

Here’s a preview of the updates that will be available in Apache Cordova Windows Phone 1.7.0

The video demonstrates :
– drag-able div used as a slider control
– drawing on a canvas
– use of iScroll4 ( without modification )
– preventing page scroll from some elements on the page, via event.preventDefault();

Cheers, J

  1. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith04-23-2012

    Hi Jesse,

    I’m a community curator at and I ran across your blog while looking for content for our Windows Phone zone. I was wondering if you would be interested in having some of your recent posts republished on our site. If so, please send me an email so I can provide some more information.


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  2. sergey

    This is so excited! Awesome

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