Introducing HyperLab

Introducing HyperLab

HyperLab was approved today by Apple and is now available in the app store.

HyperLab did not include any documentation, as I was in a rush to get it submitted, so I will explain how to use it here.


HyperLab lets you sync files to your device using iTunes file sharing. In order to move your html pages to the device it must be connected via usb to your iTunes sync machine.

  • With your device connected, and iTunes open, select your iOS device.
  • Select the apps tab along the top of the device info pane.
  • Scroll to the bottom and you will see the file-sharing section.
  • In the Apps pane, select HyperLab.
  • To the right, you will see a list of ‘HyperLab Documents’
  • You can drop files here and they will be instantly copied to the device. No need to sync.

HyperLab supports images, movies, pdfs, and html pages. Unfortunately, iTunes will not allow you to drop a folder to sync, so you will need to zip the folder and drop the zip file into iTunes. HyperLab will unzip the file when you select it.

When loading files, the browser control will take the full screen area. You will need to press and hold the title bar to return to HyperLab and relaunch your html page, or load another file.


I have been working on this app in various forms for over a year. I started under the title BetaGap. The original version of BetaGap allowed you to simply enter a url to a web site or local network hosted PhoneGap application. Unfortunately Apple did not like this approach, because the application could access device features, they were worried about having an app that essentially allowed you to ‘install’ other apps from the web.
When I later realized that Apple would potentially allow the same app using iTunes file sharing, I revisited my code, made some changes, and HyperLab was born. Although I think BetaGap was a better name, Apple had told me they do not allow the term ‘beta’ in the app store, as it implies that the software is not finished.

"Software is never finished" – @brianleroux

  1. Adrian3

    This sounds like a very useful app for testing Cordova apps. Do you just copy over the “www” folder of your app? I assume that plugins wouldn’t work, right? Are all Cordova functions supported?

  2. GeorgeMcK

    Glad you kept this one going…

  3. Ashok

    Thanks a lot buddy!!!
    I was looking for such a product since i born 😉
    This is really a fantastic project.

  4. daniel


    when i discovered hyperlab, i was pretty stoked – thanks for this app! since i work on a windows machine, this seemed to be a cheap way for developping ios apps without needing to change to a mac computer (which is actually very expensive for me as a student). however, i have some problems using hyperlab. when i load my html & js files from an android project (in the /assets/www/ folder of the app) onto my iphone, i get an error (a never-endig loop of javascript ‘pollin’-alerts). i found out, that this happens, because i am using the cordova.js file for android. so, i simply wanted to change the js file to the ios version but i could not find a ios-version of the cordova.js file anywhere. is there a way to get this file?

    or did i complete missunderstand the functionality of the hyperlab app?

    thanks and greetings from switzerland

  5. mike

    does this mean with this TestLab app we can test a fully loaded PhoneGap app with all the plugins and JavaScript files in iOS devices that are not registered in Development Program by simply zipping the www folder and draging it into iTunes?

    If so, this is HUGE! Keep up the flawless work!

  6. Jesse

    Yes, that’s how it works.
    Currently plugins are not supported, but I will be adding the ChildBrowser plugin in a future update. Any other requests?

  7. Jesse

    HyperLab is built with version 1.6.0. I will be posting sample applications one of these days.
    The matching JS file you need is here:

  8. Jesse

    Yep, ideally you will want to zip your www folder and drop it in iTunes. You may also want to give the zip a descriptive name so you can have multiple apps on the go.

  9. daniel

    hi jesse

    great, it works!! this is really awesome, thank you so much!


  10. Chandra


    Thanks for the app, its going to help us a lot.

  11. Javi

    Thank you for sharing.
    Will you upload an iPad version to the App Store? I would use it.

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