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Windows Store apps and the IE10 DOM

Windows 8 fully embraces web-tech as a means to develop applications for the windows store, however, there are a few things that you should be aware of, along the way. You can use your own JS libraries, or jQuery, or whatever you prefer ( assuming it behaves well in IE10 ). One thing to watch out for though is that …

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Announcing Apache Cordova support for Windows Phone 8

It’s been a busy morning here at the //build conference in Redmond, just piecing it all together now … Over the last month and half or so, we have been quietly working away on bringing Windows Phone 8 support to Apache Cordova.  The SDK has been in private beta, so we had to fly under the radar, but I am …

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Windows 8 Security and Dynamic Code

Recently while working on bringing Apache Cordova to Windows 8 I came across an issue with dynamic content.  The Apache Cordova mobile-spec project, which defines all of our tests,  has some tricks for loading a configurable cordova-js file without having to modify every html page.  It seems the security model does not like to script tags written at runtime with document.write ( …

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Apache Cordova :: The framework formerly known as PhoneGap :: repost

Note: This post is a reprint of an article I submitted to the Software Developers Journal a few months ago. -jm This article uses the names PhoneGap and Cordova synonymously to refer to the open source project currently in incubation within the Apache Software Foundation. What is PhoneGap? PhoneGap is a collection of tools, and libraries that allow you to …

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