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Native and Managed Plugins for Windows 8 and Apache Cordova

[Update Feb 25, 2014] After testing some more use cases, it appears that there are still issues with some of the features of this addition. I am currently working through the following : .winmd file needs an accompanying .dll with the actual implementation as .winmd only defines the interface need the ability to target multiple architectures, not all plugins can …

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Just signed up for Gobbler which is sort of an ugly dropbox, geared towards musicians and audio projects. Will see how it is, 5GB for free seems to be the norm these days.

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Fave Comment of the Day

Just relived this little gem!

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Windows Phone + Cordova Quick Tip

When javascript doesn’t seem to be working, I usually hack in a quick error handler. If you add this somewhere at the top of your html page, you should see any errors that occur listed in Visual Studio’s output window. window.onerror = function(errMsg,fileName,ln) { window.external.Notify(“Error : ” + errMsg + “, In file : ” + fileName + “, at …

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