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Introducing iPhone Cleavage

So if you want to make an iPhone app using your HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills, what do you use? PhoneGap! obviously. If you want to add some iPhone native controls, screens, whatever… PhoneGap Plug-ins seem like a fairly easy path, even though they are still largely undocumented, and unknown to most, at least they are somewhat planned. But what if you have …

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PhoneGap and the Apple developer license agreement.

Yesterday I made a quick update to a previous blog post. I will go into a little more depth here as some folks mis-understood that this was a new topic because it was part of the older post. Recent changes to the Apple iPhone SDK developer license agreement have been a hot topic over the last week. There has been …

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iPhoneGap Plugs

Okay, in your phonegap application in XCode, ( Without EVER having to touch the PhoneGapLib ) 1) right click the plugins folder and select Add/NewFile/ObjectiveCClass 2) Call your new class : TestPlug 3) Paste the following code into the .m + .h files: In your header file : #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import “PhoneGapCommand.h” @interface TestPlug : PhoneGapCommand { } – (void)addThemUp:(NSMutableArray*)arguments …

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