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WP7 Gotchas

The Camera API and Capture API will not function when Zune is running. Disconnect your device, then re-launch the app to test it.

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Plugins for PhoneGap + Windows Phone Mango

We recently added plugin support to WP7 PhoneGap apps. I will outline here what you need to do to start extending the functionality for WP7 PhoneGap projects. All WP7 PhoneGap plugins must derive from the PhoneGap base command. More specifically, the WP7GapClassLib.PhoneGap.Commands.BaseCommand class. Plugin commands are dealt with generically throughout the framework, and base command provides the base interface for …

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Implementing WebStorage for PhoneGap + Windows Phone Mango ( Part 1 )

Windows Phone 7 with the Mango updates includes the new IE9 which is a very capable browser, and has support for many new standard HTML5 APIs. Some of the feature highlights (IMHO) include: addEventListener : no more conditional event code querySelectorAll : easily grab DOM elements by id/class/type etc. WebStorage APIs : localStorage + sessionStorage ES5 : Function.bind, Array.forEach, … …

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