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iPhoneGap Plugs

Okay, in your phonegap application in XCode, ( Without EVER having to touch the PhoneGapLib ) 1) right click the plugins folder and select Add/NewFile/ObjectiveCClass 2) Call your new class : TestPlug 3) Paste the following code into the .m + .h files: In your header file : #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import “PhoneGapCommand.h” @interface TestPlug : PhoneGapCommand { } – (void)addThemUp:(NSMutableArray*)arguments …

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PhoneGap iPhone Tutorial – A good place to start

PhoneGap has been getting a lot of attention lately, and also a lot of questions on the mailing list about where to get started. I recently built a small PhoneGap app for iPhone that helps to demonstrate PhoneGap functions. The application is divided into multiple pages, and each page focuses on one area of functionality. I have strived to keep …

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PhoneGApp Store Approval

I just received word from Apple that : a) Apple has given PhoneGap a technical analysis , and PhoneGap does not violate the Terms & Conditions of the App Store. b) Apple will review PhoneGap applications based on their own merits and not on their use of PhoneGap. What this means: There was still some apprehension within the community as …

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PhoneGap for iPhone exposed

Earlier this week I attended the Apple iPhone Developers Tech Talks in Seattle. The event was free and by invite only and you had to have an app in the app store, or be very close to having one to be invited. This meant that the content of the talk could be technical without losing anyone, and we had an …

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