Proud committer to the Apache Cordova project! Checkout my forks on github.


Finally I can blog on the go.. Sweet! Look for more frequent updates from now on.

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This recording was done on a Windows Vista (x64) machine, using Cakewalk Sonar 8. All guitars and bass were performed on a Line6 Variax700 plugged into a Line6 Pod XT Live. Drums were programmed in Addictive Drums. The track will be posted soon,  I am messing with the mp3Player on the server … ugh.

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YuTuplr – Getting Started.

Lately in my spare time I have been quietly plugging away at building a simple YouTube uploader application in Air.  Nitobi encourages us to spend part of our time on our own pet projects, as well as community interaction and contributing to open source initiatives.  I have been working on this application ( YuTuplr – as in a short form of YouTube …

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The race to the MegaTweet

The day started like any other day, sitting tired on SkyTrain on my way to work, when I happen to catch the headline on the newspaper of the commuter in front of me.  “Kutcher’s race to a million twitter followers.”  With peaked intrest I pulled out my iPhone and read some more about it.   Ashton Kutcher had some 9 …

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