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Fave Comment of the Day

Just relived this little gem!

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Kick Backs – WP8 back button handling.

With the PhoneGap Windows Phone Porting Challenge well under way, I felt it would be a good time to take a deeper dive into the hardware back button mechanism that is implemented in Apache Cordova, and how to use it. “A frequent cause of failing app certification is due to an inappropriate implementation of the back button behavior. … Developers …

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Windows Phone + Cordova Quick Tip

When javascript doesn’t seem to be working, I usually hack in a quick error handler. If you add this somewhere at the top of your html page, you should see any errors that occur listed in Visual Studio’s output window. window.onerror = function(errMsg,fileName,ln) { window.external.Notify(“Error : ” + errMsg + “, In file : ” + fileName + “, at …

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BoomChik Ba-Boom Boom Chik …

BoomChik is available in the Windows store! BoomChik on Windows Store The code is virtually identical to the code running on the iPad, and soon they will be exactly the same. Time to tap to the beat of your own drummer. Note, I have many more features I would like to add, but I will let usage + downloads dictate …

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