New site, who dis?

A new look, a new focus, a new day.

I've heard it said that you have your whole life to record your first album, and 1 year to release your second. Well it feels like I've spent the lifetime, and never released anything. That's not to say that I haven't written it all, recorded many many many versions, it has always just been the releasing step that I didn't take.

I am not sure the reason, it could be that I feared rejection. The typical 'what if people hate it?' self doubt internal conversations. In my head I had imagined the success, I imagined the cheers, the attention, the awards ... and then the song sat on my hard drive for years. Somehow my fantasy had been so vivid, so real, I just didn't need to risk shattering it. I was content.

A part of me always said, 'It's not done, it needs something else.' Whether it was one more verse, a bridge, a stronger melody into the second verse ... there was always something. Writing songs came easy, finishing them was hard.

Well, enough said, that all changes now. Lately I've have been writing even more, and I sort of just realized how much nearly done content I have. So instead of cherry picking parts out of old songs and stringing them along into new ones, I have decided I will just start sharing what I've done. I'll be polishing as I go, tweaking, updating, and most importantly, finishing. Hopefully I appear to be prolific, but we both know I've had a lifetime to prepare.

Watch this space for future releases, it will all show up here first.


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